Bye Bye Rumania? Not yet

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Tomorrow, first of April, I will complete my eight month here like a volunteer. This eight months have been so intens and really fast. I remember when I arrived here and I saw again Carmencita and I could meet Zsófi, the last volunteer who let Romania in August, few days after my arrive.

I could meet so nice persons during this time and I have made so much friends here that I hope I will keep the contact with them when I will arrive to Spain. I have so nice moments with me during this season and I will remember it during so much time. 

Let´s speak about missing Spain. I'm doing? Yes, so much. I'm missing so much Spain, not only for my families and for my friends who are waiting me there, also for so little things like the weather, the sea, the food, the noise on the streets, the environment on the streets and the good mood that you can feel in the air. I´m not saying about here there are bad mood. Is a different mood, the people here sometimes are more quiet, more close and sometimes reserved with the others.

I also will miss so much this. For example, I was living in Malta, I was 3 months living there and sometimes I'm missing so much and "not important" things for this little countries. The beautiful are in the details. I will miss so much and diferent things of Targu Secuiesc and their people.

Also, I need to say, this project have been so important for me and to discover myself more intensely-

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