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My name is Asiye. I am 26 years old and I am from İstanbul, Turkey. I graduated from Tourism and Hotel Management in Muğla. I am an EVS volunteer in Targu Secuisesc, Covasna since 1st of June and I’’ll be here for a year.


Far from home, without knowledge of the language, surrounded by complete strangers, each volunteer has a ray of light – mentor. Mentor-friend, mom and dad, brother and sister, assistant. I was very lucky because my mentor Gayane Asatryan is not just a mentor, but a person with a capital letter. I haven't had a week, without she asked me how I was doing, how I was feeling. Gayane shared with me the most precious thing in her life – her family. She let me into her heart, and I hope I'm able to respond with the same kindness. 
In fact, the mentor is a very important and necessary person in the life of each volunteer.


I had been thinking about making a tattoo for a long time, so I decided to make it yesterday.

I had already decided the symbol: “Yin and Yand with wolfs” but I also had to find a master. I asked over my city but couldn’t find. That’s why I looked for a tattoo master in Sfantu Georghe. I kept in touch with him and decided to meet on Saturday at 2 p.m.

I thought it would be difficult to find the tattoo salon as I didn’t know the city well. Fortunately, it was easy.

As the last train leaves at 7.30 p.m., we had just 5 hours to make my tattoo. Of course, we couldn’t finish it in time, and I had to stay there.


We, Alen Margaryan, Miguel Paya, and Carmen Gallarado Serrano, decided to go to the Bulgarian Sunny Beach for holidays a few weeks ago. But we had a problem because I didn't know if the passport control would let me go. We decided to take a risk. We also had another plan-If anything went wrong, we would go to Constantia.

So we rented a car, on September 5, and went to Bulgaria. Everything went well on the border. It was a long way, so we spent the night in Varna.


I have marked a small date on my calendar: July 8, a month since I live in Romania. To be honest, I have a feeling that it has not been more than two weeks, but the events were so many, that it seems to me I had spend here almost 1 year! It is believed that the EVS project, especially long-term, is an exit from your comfort zone. Whether my territory before the project was uncomfortable, or I was different from everyone, but I did not feel out of this zone.