With this blog I'm going to tell you how I met to the black sea again, but from the other side, from Bulgaria. I can say that, I grew up in the black sea region and it always reminds me about a short novel "The old man and the Sea" written by Ernest Hemingway.

The funniest moment is that, even if I lived whole my life in the black sea region, I still can not swim; but, otherwise I enjoy to sit on the beach and read books.

Bulgaria by itself was so nice to have rest, it looked like a bit one city of Georgia, called Kobuleti (which was one of my favorite place in my childhood ), but just a bit big one.


With this article I’m going to tell you my very first experience regarding the summer camp. The camp by itself was unique because of the magic feeling we all shared, the friendships that formed, and the incredible memories that remains. In this special place you can be yourself even if you don’t speak the language children do, free to run, laugh, play, and discover.

So, where else can you participate in a new different games and experiments, enjoy morning exercises with gymnastic and Yoga, and creative flows, complete missions and do a photography sessions in front of the bonfire, and the most important thing, make a best lifetime memories.



My name is Asiye. I am 26 years old and I am from İstanbul, Turkey. I graduated from Tourism and Hotel Management in Muğla. I am an EVS volunteer in Targu Secuisesc, Covasna since 1st of June and I’’ll be here for a year.


Someone says it takes 21 days to get used to something. There are those who argue and argue that it takes at least two months. What happens to a person who has lived eleven months in another country in a virtually unchanged environment? After 11 months of work as a teacher in Vorkuta, I still communicate with some colleagues, with many students and their parents, and just with people with whom I managed to make friends.  I am very used to and still miss the time, people and place.


Tomorrow, first of April, I will complete my eight month here like a volunteer. This eight months have been so intens and really fast. I remember when I arrived here and I saw again Carmencita and I could meet Zsófi, the last volunteer who let Romania in August, few days after my arrive.

I could meet so nice persons during this time and I have made so much friends here that I hope I will keep the contact with them when I will arrive to Spain. I have so nice moments with me during this season and I will remember it during so much time.