Miguel Paya


Tomorrow, first of April, I will complete my eight month here like a volunteer. This eight months have been so intens and really fast. I remember when I arrived here and I saw again Carmencita and I could meet Zsófi, the last volunteer who let Romania in August, few days after my arrive.

I could meet so nice persons during this time and I have made so much friends here that I hope I will keep the contact with them when I will arrive to Spain. I have so nice moments with me during this season and I will remember it during so much time. 


Nowaday we are at 3 months to finish this "trip" and I'm happy and little bit sad at the same time. Why? I have enjoyed so much this period with all the volunteers and all so let this back is going to be sad. I know it because when I finished my period of three months in Malta I was so happy in home but during the days I started to miss the nice people that I have met, my routine, my activities...

So this three months is going to be exciting because we have so much activities to do and some nice events what we will do with the Green Sun Association members. I'm so glad to did this EVS here in Kezdi and in this association, I have learnt so much and I know there are so many thinks that I need to learn as well.


Hello everybody!

We are in december now and is winter! Is the first time that I have seen the snow in the city, I saw one time in one mountain in Spain, and is really beautiful!

I like so much to get up in the morning and see the snow, and all the streets and the entraince of our flat full of snow and white! Is something that I never could imagine until now, but the problem of the snow is... is really cold. As I said in another blog, I hate the cold weather, and I still thinking the same but now I'm completely sure that I can support easier the cold weather than before, I'm not saying that I like, but I can support it jaja.


The last week Carmen and I with another volunteers of the association we decided to go to Eger to visit the city and also the mountains. We was 10 in total, all of us, volunteers of Green Sun Association. We decided to go with two cars, and go early to arrive at the dinner time to Eger. It was a really long trip, exactly 13 hours until arrive to the Hotel. This Hotel is in the mountain and it's looks so old, but was comfortable to stay here few days and visit the mountain and the nature. 


Why this year is a special autumn for me? I've never been living in a foregin country so much time so I never see this colors in autumn. In our city we have like two season, summer and spring (talking about if the weather is in Targu Secuiesc).

Is really difficult to find leaves on the floor like this or see this color in the environment. So the last week when the green sun associations members went to the mountain I could see how the trees in the mountain were changing the colors, because we could see a lot of trees with different tonalities like a sequence, going to the green ones until the characteristic color of autumn, was wonderful.


Hello guys! Today I´m going to talk about what I did in the first days of September. All of the volunteers we had 5 days of holidays between 5 until 9, so Alen, Carmen and I decided to spend this time in Bulgaria and visit the seaside of this country.

We started the trip really early, at 6 in the morning because we thought we will not find too much traffic at this time. When we arrived to Varna we had a bit problems to found the hostel that we rent, but at finally we found it at 6 in the afternoon. We spend our first day and night in Varna.

The next day we went to Sunny Beach and we rent an apartment in the center of the city, the apartment was really nice for all of us, we could cook, we was near the beach and we had a pool in our area.