Lilit Araqelyan


Today I will tell you about my impressions about the capital of Romania, Bucharest.

My friends and I hitchhiked there (as you can see, we love this kind of transportation). We were taken to the city center and went to the old town. It was filled with history, culture and tradition. There are many beautiful buildings from different eras and architectural solutions.

There we ate traditional dishes of Sarmale (it reminded me Armenian dolma) and Papanashi (sweet donuts with jam). After eating we walked until the cows come home.

When night fell, the city changed. It seems other people appeared from nowhere who loved nightlife, dancing and drinking.


I was told that hitchhiking is something dangerous. Therefore I did not dare to hitchhike anywhere alone.

Since there are three of us, and the spirit of adventure has infiltrated us, we decided to hitchhike to the neighboring town. We wrote the name of the city and went to the track to catch our happiness.

We stood at the side of the road and mentally talked to each driver who drove past us one by one. We asked some people to stop, some people were scolded for driving past us without looking at us. We were grateful to many people at least for apologizing for not being able to let us down.