Lilit Araqelyan


Having jumped over the border, we waited for a truck driver for a long time. According to our plans, we had to get to the town of Vârşeţ and continue our journey by train. But the truck driver told us that he was going to the town of Panciova.

The driver did not speak English or Russian, but we understood each other. He drove us to the town of Panciova and got off by the road to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. There was 25 km left to the final destination and it was expensive, we drove in another truck.

For an overnight stay, we used the Couchsurfing app, where we found a good person who agreed to host us.


For two weeks we worked without a day off, so we have accumulated several days off. We decided to travel abroad and Serbia was lucky.

We left early in the morning, and the weather in Târgu Secuiesc was as always gloomy and cool. As always, the car was hitchhiking. We caught the car to the crossroads in Brasov. Then, after standing for 30 minutes near the road, we reached Brasov. The driver was very responsive and took us to the main road in the direction of Sibiu.

From there, another very good man drove us to the nearest village, since he lived there. After Brasov, the weather changed drastically, the sun was shining (which we had not seen for several days), and it was warm and pleasant.


April 24 was the memory of the victims of the Armenian genocide. 

Armenian genocide (in Armenian Exern) was during the first World War. Despite the fact that the systematic and institutionally supported extermination of the Armenian population in Ottoman Turkey began at the end of the 19th century, April 24 was not chosen as a memorial date by chance. It was on this day in 1915 that more than 800 representatives of the Armenian intelligentsia were arrested and later killed in the Ottoman capital of Istanbul.

In Armenia, on the night of April 23, commemorative processions with torches take place in all cities and villages. On April 24, we lay flowers at the monuments dedicated to the victims of the genocide.


On March 13, my lovely mentor invited me to go sledding.
The car was driven by my mentor's brother, who knows everything and loves to be in nature. With us was one schoolgirl who sings like an angel.

We set off early in the morning. I knew that we were going to the mountains, but I did not know exactly where. We headed towards a small village called Komando. I was there in early autumn when everything around was green. Seeing familiar places shrouded in the snow was unexpected and wonderful. As if everything around was wrapped in a white blanket.


Today (01/17/2022) a table tennis championship was held in Târgu Secuiesc.

Many people took part in the championship, but many did not pass because of the weather (a cold wind blew on the streets and it snowed).

Among women, the competition was between three volunteers. The first game was between Nane and Petek (Nane won). Then I and Nane played (of course, Nane won). Petek and I fought for second place (I won).

After the end of the championship, there was a ceremony awarding diplomas and medals.

After receiving the medal, we went for a walk around the city. To celebrate the championship we ate a traditional meal called Lángos. I did not take off my medal until the end of the day.


On Sunday morning we went on a trip with our new friend Csaba. We really wanted to go to the dog shelter and finally, we did it.

The shelter was located 10 kilometers far from Brasov. At the entrance, we disinfected our shoes and went inside. There was an open aviary where two dogs were walking. When we entered the next door, we saw three large dogs. One of the dogs has sick eyes and he has a cone-shaped thing on his neck (later we found out that the eyes of the dog had been operated on). Then we saw a dog with different color eyes and the back legs were in the pram (the dog was paralyzed), the other dog's head was twisted and some kind of liquid flowed out of its ears (the dog was deaf).


Today I will tell you about my impressions about the capital of Romania, Bucharest.

My friends and I hitchhiked there (as you can see, we love this kind of transportation). We were taken to the city center and went to the old town. It was filled with history, culture and tradition. There are many beautiful buildings from different eras and architectural solutions.

There we ate traditional dishes of Sarmale (it reminded me Armenian dolma) and Papanashi (sweet donuts with jam). After eating we walked until the cows come home.

When night fell, the city changed. It seems other people appeared from nowhere who loved nightlife, dancing and drinking.


I was told that hitchhiking is something dangerous. Therefore I did not dare to hitchhike anywhere alone.

Since there are three of us, and the spirit of adventure has infiltrated us, we decided to hitchhike to the neighboring town. We wrote the name of the city and went to the track to catch our happiness.

We stood at the side of the road and mentally talked to each driver who drove past us one by one. We asked some people to stop, some people were scolded for driving past us without looking at us. We were grateful to many people at least for apologizing for not being able to let us down.