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Does anyone want to try it?

  Hello Everyone, Do you know l came in İstanbul 4 days before and I ate a lot more than my mother’s food. l think i will be overweight 

  My mom has a place to food here therefore, l am eating always… (: l am afraid. Okay doesn’t matter when l came back Romania l will contune to zumba. 😛

  Anyway, I want to show you my mother’s special food… This is ‘’Gözleme’’. My mother prepares it from these materials;  for dough; flour, water, yeast and salt. For interior; spinach, onion, garlic, red pepper. And also we are preparing this from meat ıf you want you can do also from meat… If you come to lstanbul one day try this taste.

 Maybe in the future l can open a place like this because gastronomy always in our lives and this is so lucrative.



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