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A Day of Fun and Games at the Children’s Day Event

I wanted to share with you an exciting event that took place on Tuesday, September 12.

As part of our ongoing work with the Green Sun Association, we were pleased to participate in a Children’s Day event at Gelence School. A Day Full of Laughter and Joy.

On Tuesday morning, our Green Sun Association team gathered at Gelence School to celebrate Children’s Day with the little ones. The atmosphere was full of excitement as we prepared for a day full of fun and games.We organized Games, Dances and Mini Competitions. We started the event with a variety of games and activities. The children’s faces lit up with smiles as they engaged in friendly competition. It warmed our hearts to see how enthusiastic and talented these young minds are.

As the day came to an end, it was clear that everyone had a great time. We hugged each other, said our goodbyes sincerely and left with memories that will stay with us forever. We are grateful that our team at the Green Sun Association had the opportunity to create such joyful moments with the children.


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