Davit Mamulyan


On October 6th in Comandău we had our first summer camp (Comandău is located in the mountains, and it is one of highest points in Covasna County). In the camp there were about twenty children from nine to fifteen years old from different villages and cities. 

In my group there were two more Davits besides me, so we called our group 3D group. We organized different events for children all day long, such as physical exercises, team games, drawing and handcraft activities, intellectual games, mathematical competitions and so on. So children enjoyed their camp days, and we too.


On september 22 there was a big hockey match between Steaua (București ) and Háromszéki Ágyúsok (Kézdivásárhely) hockey teams. Despite the fact that it was a just  friendly game, for both of the teams and also for habitants  games between these two teams are always important and  crucial rivaly.

That day, before the game I had bike tour and after that I was hungry and tired.I finished about 6 o'clock , but when I heard that there is a big match in the city, and also heard about the importance of the match, I started to run to the hockey stadium without remembering the facts that I am a football fan not hockey at all, that I am hungry, and tired.