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Armenia Event

The event was organized by Armenian volunteers of Green Sun Association and one local volunteer.
Mariam Evanesyan, Alik Mazmanyan and Kató Kincső Barbara led the event and the President of the Gheorgheni Catholic Armenian Association László Kulcsár and his small team graced the event with their presence.
Our volunteers Alik Mazmanyan and Mariam Evanesyan presented their homeland in English and Kató Kincső Barbara translated it into Hungarian for the local community. 

The night started with the Armenian anthem and we learned about the geography, history, religion, culture and traditions of Armenia. We were able to learn more about Armenia. We were also able to listen to an Armenian poem performed by David Asatryan-Szekrény. During the presentation we also watched videos and to support our friends (Mariam Evanesyan, Alik Mazmanyan and Kató Kincső Barbara) we dressed up in folk costumes and danced three Armenian dances with Gülcan Babir. 

The night ended with a quiz and a joint dance, followed by a tasting of Armenian desserts made by Gayane Szekrény-Asatryan and congratulations from the audience who wanted to take a picture with us (Mariam Evanesyan, Gulcan Babir, Sinem Tosun) in folk costumes.


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