Alen Margaryan


Hello. How are my dear friends?

At last I decided to take holidays and to go somewhere. I will not say you where I would like to go and where I will go. When I will come back I will tell you or I will make video about my trip. You will see where I was. So me and my friend Elena we will start our trip on 25th of January at 8 o’clock in the morning.

We hope weather will be good and worm, without rain, we will meet interesting and good peoples.

This time I don't want to speak much.))))

See You next week.


Hello. If realy I dont know what to tell you in this time. Okay. I will tell you about my New Year.
I decided to go to Bucharest for New Year.
I started my visit to Bucharest on 30 of Decembere.I woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning, becouse train was at 6.08 in
the morning.I went 7 hourses until I got to Bucharest. It was hard and long trip.
At 3 oclock I met with my friend from George and also met 2 new peoples. One girl from French and one boy from Georga,
they are also valonuntry in Romania. We went to saw some place in the city. And first time I went to McDonald's to eat their burgers.
I like it.
In the evening around 6 oclock we met with my armenian friend Lana. She is student in Bucharest. 


Hello. wink

This time I am  thinking to tell you about "voluntary ball". But we had some problems. Because we didn't have  car, we had to go by train as the ball was in Sfantu Gheorghe.

So we went to train station. When we got there, worker sayed that train had been spoiled, and it will be late more than 2 hours.

 As it was cold we went to drink somethink hot and the same time to think. I didn't know why I lost my mooda nd  didnt want to go any more. 


Hello. Today I will tell you about my last weeks. On 18th until 22 of November I was alone. Miguel and Carmen went Hungary for training. Elena went Brasov for MTM training.

We had “Selective Garbage campaign” activity. The first day that we went was cold, but after day came worm. In that activity we were speaking to peoples, telling about garbage. Everyone should collect garbage separately, glasses separately, plastics separately etc.

For me was hard week, but I am happy, because we were telling necessary information not only for peoples also for nature.


I had been thinking about making a tattoo for a long time, so I decided to make it yesterday.

I had already decided the symbol: “Yin and Yand with wolfs” but I also had to find a master. I asked over my city but couldn’t find. That’s why I looked for a tattoo master in Sfantu Georghe. I kept in touch with him and decided to meet on Saturday at 2 p.m.

I thought it would be difficult to find the tattoo salon as I didn’t know the city well. Fortunately, it was easy.

As the last train leaves at 7.30 p.m., we had just 5 hours to make my tattoo. Of course, we couldn’t finish it in time, and I had to stay there.


On the 18th and 19th of October we had “24 hours running”  day with 600  participants. The event was organized by Zold Nap Association and Sport Center. The event was in Sport Center. Where we gave apple and water to participants. When  nobody was there , we were running until thire  return.

Our Spanish friends organized “ Spanish club”. The first meeting was on the 23th of October at 5 pm. On the first day they told us about Spain, taught some words that we need to know in case we are in Spain.

On the 23,24 and 25  of Octobre we went to  “Bod Peter” high school and  we met students. We talked about us: What we do and why.

On the 26th  of October we had “Moving Afternoon” event. We organized games and dances for participants.


We, Alen Margaryan, Miguel Paya, and Carmen Gallarado Serrano, decided to go to the Bulgarian Sunny Beach for holidays a few weeks ago. But we had a problem because I didn't know if the passport control would let me go. We decided to take a risk. We also had another plan-If anything went wrong, we would go to Constantia.

So we rented a car, on September 5, and went to Bulgaria. Everything went well on the border. It was a long way, so we spent the night in Varna.