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About us

The Green Sun Association is an environmental, professional-scientific organization which was established in the summer of 2009. The members of the association are ecologists, economists, fine artists, but one can find in the group teachers, engineers and sociologists as well. We formed alliance in the consciousness of our dissimilarity, fighting for a politically and religiously independent cause, a fight that we have to win together. Since the beginning there are more then 1000 events organized by the Green Sun Association. It is not subordinated to any other legal entity and is functioning under democratic principles. We are an open and sensitive group with 17 principal members and 30 volunteers.

The objects of the association are: Popularizing environmental mentality. With the organization of environmental protection events and conferences, we are trying to popularize environmental mentality. Our aim is to let the people in our region know that the ecological and sociological problems are interacting with one another. Building the civil society`s awareness We would like to promote civilian self-awareness in our region and to clarify for people living in the ‘Haromszek’ region that civilian organizations can help a lot in resolving the ecological-sociological problems. Since the foundation of our association the nature and the environment, as well as education and sports are important activities and values. Our programs support the sustainable education, love and protection of the environment and the dissemination of a healthy lifestyle. Through our association a more active, conscious, responsible and healthier society can be established.

Few activities: 

– Sport programs, bike tours

– Camps, outdoor programs

– Nemere Trail


– Environmental and healthy life programs and events

– Green School

– Publications

– Events , programs for children, students.

– Cooperation with specialist in different areas of the civil society.

–  ecological awareness, counseling, education

We organized various events in order to realize our objectives: We would like to highlight a few events that brought together masses. The first to mention are the Green Spring Days: More than six hundred people joined in, children and adults as well. The three-day`s event largest action was the planting of the 1153 saplings in the field of Kézdivásárhely. Autumn of 2010, we plan to build a playground. The supplies needed for the purchase of material were collected by charity evenings and from the local Protestant parish funds. The playground is in the court of No. 2 kindergarten. Every year we organize a popular photo contest. We received hundreds of competing works. From the best photos we make calendars.

The “buy local“ campaign was a huge success and has several parts: a trilingual video in which appear the representatives of 21 civil associations, the video only on YouTube was visited by twenty-one thousand people. We made promotional commercials of Kézdivásárhely and the Nemere Trail, in which we presented the values of the region. We are present on several events in the surrounding villages with our green stands. We leave behind round table discussion, in schools and kindergartens environmental awareness teaching work, we projected documentaries in different parts of Haromszek. We created in the autumn of 2011, the Nemere Trail ( Covasna County and Haromszek’s tourism and economic lives is determined by the unique nature of the region: the rich tourism potential, multiculturalism, cultural heritage. Catching up to the recent economic and social transformations in the global economic trend put all the tourism sector in a face of new challenges. It is becoming increasingly important the methods, the development of strategies that increase the profitability of the sector in a long-term level. We have an impact on the local population, as we continue to inform them in advertisements, the media appearance. Our appearance in the media are event related, but on Wednesday we have a radio show in Radio Siculus called “Green Wave”. There are more opportunity`s to appear, these are not ads, but specifically programs and activities that are meant to convince people with positive examples. We release from 2011 the Green Day newspaper which appear four times in a year. In mid-October 2010 the Hungarian Non-Governmental Organisations of Transylvanian Association (MCSZESZ) organized for the tenth time the Civic Organization of the year Award and the association reached third place.

We continue to take part in the Erasmus Programme + (formerly the Youth in Action Programme), as EVS sending and hosting organizations and youth exchanges are also present. Through local and foreign volunteer opportunities and training`s the young people’s chances on finding their roles are improving, and develop their skills, language skills increase. Members of our community through our programs become active citizens and among them can be observed the decrease in stereotypes, the increase of creativity and entrepreneurship. Many unemployed youngs who after our programs could find different jobs, which demonstrates that the competences acquired are valuable. Thus, through the activities of our association in future may increase the employment.

You can be informed about recents activities:

Address: 525400, Kézdivásárhely, Hóvirág Street, Nr 12 Kovászna county, Romania. Tel: 0766.611066

Email: Web:,

If you are pleased by the association’s activities, please, offer your 3.5% to support the organization!