4 months in Kézdivásárhely

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It's so strange how fast time passed. For example, it is already 4 months that I live here.  This place has something special, small things. These all things make special this city. For me it is so surprising almost every people play some kind of sport here. Children play football and basketball, and someone plays hokey also table tennis. It's so good for their well-beig.

Not only children do some sports activities, for example, but also when our organization had a table tennis championship last month, and I had a second match with an old man like my grandpa's age. When I saw him the first time I said it would be an easy win for me but it was completely different. This grandpa destroyed me. I took only two points in the whole match.
In our organization, "Green Sun Association" we had team-building and we had our first trekking in 2023. In the morning we met each other, bought some snacks for the trip, and we went to our destination. This time our team chose Tündérvár. This place was so beautiful. We saw a forest, big trees, and mushrooms. We took a lot of pictures and enjoyed the beautiful view.
After the tracking everyone was hungry we went to the restaurant and ate delicious food. It was so good and memorable day for me, I hope our team will continue this kind of activities.

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