This is also who we are - PHOTO CONTEST

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The Green Sun Association announced its renowned photo competition at the beginning of May. The competition is titled: This is also who we are!. The winning pieces will be showcased in a 2021 calendar. If you are curious, check out the photo’s in the gallery. We would like to see photos that portray a unique artistic perspective of the relationship between nature and humanity. The photo’s should portray the beauty, the value, and the faults of this complicated relationship. We are excited to see positive, shocking, thought-provoking, or didactic images. We also invite the competitors to spend more time outside, to go for a hike, and we wish that they can appreciate natures constantly changing magic.

You can see your photos on by November 20th. The winners will be chosen by 4 experts. Please submit at most 3 photos, not more than 1280×720 size, to the address.

We expect competitors regardless of age and geographical location. However, you can only submit your own authentic intellectual property, and you are responsible not to violate copyrights. The competitors’s data (name, address, phone number) will be handled with confidence, and we will not share them with a third party. The publisher upholds the right to eliminate unfit photos from the competition. The results will be announced at the beginning of December 2020, and we will inform the media and winners timely. The winning photos will be published on our website.

The best submissions will be awarded a certificate and monetary compensation: 

1st place: 300 lei

2nd place: ZNE package

3rd place: ZNE package

Sponsors:  Niko Kft, Communitas Alapítvány és az Európai Szolidaritási Testület. 

Author and poster design: Ráduly Attila