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Volunteering in the Green Sun Association – Biró Levente

Being a volunteer is not a status anymore, it is a way of life. It is hard to tell when I started being a volunteer, somehow I always had this sense inside me, I always believed that doing something for the common weal is a proper and good thing to do. My volunteer activity within the Zöld Nap Association has been various since the association’s establishment. Just some of them: generating and developing the website, presenting, assembling tender dossies, designing placards, worker, administrator, organiser and so on, I could go on forever.

Lakatos Éva Andrea summary

When the Green Sun Association (Zöld Nap) started organizing programs and events, I was proud to count myself as one of the first volunteers. Since then a year has passed, full of events, more precisely 92 greater or smaller outings. New volunteers joined our small group from all over the county and I think they found their place within the association.

Kocsis Zoltán summary

Since years I see, observ, experience, that we, people generate a huge amount of garbage. We contaminate the air, our clean waters and the ground as well. I am convinced, that God entrusted to us the Earth, with the purpose, that we cultivate and guard it. If we do not change our lifestyles and we do not convince our environment of the need of change, we will be in great trouble. In a few years we will not have clear drinking water, and will not be able to enjoy the clear air in flushing in your lungs, because the contamination will be present in the whole atmosphere.

Tóth Katalin's summary

I’m Tóth Katalin. I finished my studies on Ecological and Environmental department of Babes Bolyai institution of higher learning. After I came home, in year of 2oo9, in my hometown, Kezdivasarhely, then I heard about the Green Sun Association. First it was four members in Green Sun Association, but the little team was enthusiastic, and theirs insistence and the big pleasure of work it was a forecast that it will be the key of the success. In present time in the newspapers we can found, almost every day, publications about the events in organization with Green Sun Association.


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