Youth exchange in the frame of the healthy life

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Between 4-11 October 2019 had place the international Youth Exchange called Re-style, organized by Zöld Nap Association with partners from Greece SEE giving opportunities TEAM, Armenia United Youth and Hungary Nyitott Szemmel Association. During the 6 days the 24 participants from the 4 countries had worked on themes which are closely related with the topic of the project: the healthy lifestyle. Photos taken on the event can be seen on the Facebook page of the association.

As the motto of the week participants had chosen the quote of Lao Tzu, who says “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”, as we think that we still have a lot work to achieve the long term aims of the project, but during this week, we deffinetly had made the first steps for it.

Aim of the project was to raise awareness of the young generation to the nowadays unpleasant diets of the counties, through non-formal learning and information sharing about the wide-spread world of gastronomy, which helps to build a bridge between cultures and religious understanding as well. At the youth exchange next to the team building games, participants took place in city rally, different workshops and they had the chance to realize different programs which aim was to promote sport as: ping pong championship, swimming, Moving Afternoon with Zumba teacher Pap Ágnes. Thanks to Themis Gkhoutas greek chef, childrens from Zarah Kids cooking school had the opportunitie to taste the fresh greek limonade and also had the chance to prepare together the famous greek easter cookies. Participants had promoted the project on the last day of the exchange in the Bod Péter Pedagogical School. During the workshops, participants had prepared the draft of a booklet with the aim to present and promote the project and the topic adressed by it. The booklet will be finalised during the fololow up period by the host organsiation.

At the end of the exchange everuy participant had received the Youthpass Certificate.

The program was founded by Erasmus +. Project number 2019-1-RO01-KA105-062187