What do We Get in Exchange for our Free Time

Sometimes, when I read the news, I face with newly founded associations. I wonder what are they doing, what is their mission, where do they meet, who are the members, and how many volunteers they have. Then I see the popular associations that are more recognized. The other day when my friend became a member, I was pondering how hard it is to give our time and money to help others. Many questions arise: why should I do this? How much it pays? Is this worth it? The question is always about benefits, profit, and self-interest.

Luckily, there are people who see beyond these. If I’d asked my friends, they would say service gives you an opportunity to meet people, to learn about different destinies and cultural backgrounds, not to mention, it helps you to discover yourself. If I’d asked my fellow members, I could not keep up with writing all the opportunities: the great community, the relationships with foreign volunteers, practicing English, trips, exchange programs, bike rides, and many others. From another point of view, you get branded T-shirts, hats, and free meals. While it hardly can be noticed, networking and relationships are at the core of every association. The opportunity is there, it is your choice whether you take it. I wish that you decide so that you will not have any regrets. And remember, you might miss out on something that could make you a better human being.

Author: Bandi Zsolt, ZNE member 

Translator: Lénárt Paula