Welcome to our new ESC newspaper!

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Once again, we are pleased to present you with a new edition of the Green Sun Association's last newspaper in 2021 with the most entertaining facts and stories. This newspaper will appeal to absolutely everyone as here science, everyday life, humor and health are mixed together. Since we have been a green association for more than 12 years, we turned our attention to some environmental problems and wanted to show some ways to avoid that. We wanted to show that every person can become a superhero, a savior of our planet. How to be a volunteer, what you can give and receive by being volunteers.

By reading our newspaper you can find out all the possible scientific facts about the world and about yourself, which are also filled with a dash of humor.

We will also be happy to present the events that we organized within the framework  of  “Heal the Earth, reloaded  edition!” project, you can find a lot of familiar people and get to know them from a new side.

So I don't dare to detain you anymore. Follow the link to read newspapers or just visit the Green Sun office.

Thank you for your attention.

Author: Nane Sahakyan and Petek Taykan