We run 24 hours

On 15 June Green Sun Association together with the Sports Office in Kézdivásárhely (Targu Secuiesc) organized 24-hours running day at the Sinkovits Stadium. Photos taken at this event can be seen on the facebook page of the association.

It was done very successfully. The weather was quite favorable. Note that this event was delayed twice by unfavorable weather conditions. The aim of this event was to draw people's attention to a healthy lifestyle and promote them to spend free time healthy. The event was planned for all age groups. Green Sun Association organizes with partners this event for 5 time. The main idea is that -during 24 hours at least one person run continuously, however more then one people can run at the same time. The program started аt 9 a.m. and ended next day at 9 a. m. There were almost 600 participants, who were awarded by diploms. The youngest participant was Barti Nora, 1 year and 3 months old, the oldest was Szabó Bandi-András, 67 years old. And Nagy Norbert, 12 years old, run 70 turns. He was the best in his category. By the way, one turn is 400 meter . In addition during 24 hours the members of Green Sun Association implemented this event in turn. They hope this event can attract more people and they will choose a healthy lifestyle.

Author: Gayane Asatryan Photo: Ieva Brikmane