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Dear Volunteer

Do you have some spare-time? Work and school did not exhaust you too much and you would like to help? Than this is your chance to try yourself out at the Green Sun Association! If you think, that you would like to become a volunteer, we present a range of chances, in which you can use your extra energy in a useful way, developing your creativity and other skills.

You would like to help in programs, festivals: lately we have the chance to participate on more and more programs and festivals with our publications and games. If you have want to transmit to other people our messages, to talk with those who are interested, than come and help! We need you!

Editing publication: we wait for help in putting together our publications, typographical preparation. Here can be included creating graphics, translation and other assignments.

Graphics: if you have manual skills, you are creative and you like to draw, share with us and others your artistic knowledge! Design of posters, inventing logos, making caricatures and illustration for our website and events is a regular challenge.

Translations: if you are (very) good in English and you would like to translate from Hungarian into English professional articles, then you will have the chance to do this.

Help in concrete programs: in our association there are multiple programs running simultaniously. You can read about them on our website. You can help in any program, we just have to discuss about the current availabilities.

Distribution of publications: you can help in the distribution of free publications, with themes of environmental protection at universities, colleges, highschools, and other schools, eventually in offices. It is important, that they get into the hands of people that are really interested! It is also enough, if you take some publication to you school, and you give some to your acquaintances, who are pleased to read about the effects of advertisement, the problems of consumption.

If you want to be volunteer or if you have questions, your are encouraged to look for the members of the Green Association.
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