For the 4th time Turkish club is holding in Kézdivásárhely

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On February 6, 2023, the Turkish club has started. The Turkish club is free of charge and takes place every Monday at 18.00. I, Gülcan Babir, and my Turkish friend Sinem Tosun run this club together. Every week there are presentations, folk dances, Turkish lessons, and various games. This club was founded by Ráduly Attila, project coordinator of our ESC project.

The opening of the club started with the National Anthem of Türkiye (İstiklal Marşı), because the National Anthem is very important for Turkish people. Then there was a presentation of general information about Türkiye. After the presentation club members got acquainted with each other. The following weeks were devoted to the Ottoman Empire and the history of Türkiye. After the historical topics, there was the topic of Türkiye's traditions and customs. Since there are many regions in Türkiye, after the 3rd week, information about the culture and culture of a region has been given every week and continues to be given. Each presentation is usually followed by Turkish folk dances. This is followed by a lesson on vocabulary, numbers, and introductions that can be used in everyday life. Various word games are played to reinforce the Turkish words learned: memory games, and word puzzles. The aim is to meet people who are curious about Türkiye and want to learn more about it and do it pleasantly.