Turkish Club with Ayten and Halis

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ESC turkish volunteers Ayten Kurnaz and Halis Özcan are happy to announce that beginning from January 19 on each Thursday from 17.00 a clock will be organized the Turkish Club. If you are interested too find more about the beautiful culture of Turkey and to learn basic of the language we are pleased to help you.

The only thing what you need is to speak English at a basic level and come on each Thursday to meet with us. We are waiting you in the Green Sun Association office at the following address: Kézdivásárhely, Courtyard 33, nr. 1. Registration deadline 16 January 2021. To register please call Attila Ráduly on 0766.611066, or write on email to offfice@zoldnap.info

The project is founded by European Solidarity Corp, trough project Heal the earth!, ref. nr. 2019-2-RO01-ESC 11-064144.

Poster: Halis Özcan