They visited the László Incze Guild Museum

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On the occasion of the International Volunteer Day on December 5. 2020. the team of the Green Sun Association visited the László Incze Guild Museum in Târgu Secuiesc, where they became acquainted with the values ​​of local history. The team of the association was also accompanied by the volunteers of the ESC project - Heal the Earth! Veress Nikolett Adrienn (Hungarian), Ayten Kurnaz, Halis Özcan (Turkish) and Polixeni Ntanou (Greek). The photos taken during the visit can be viewed on the Facebook page of the association.

In addition to the memorial exhibition Ferenc Rákóczi - the second, they saw how they worked in the history the traditional landings: potters, shoemakers, tanners, locksmiths, gingerbread makers, hat makers, tailors. In addition to the written documents, they also visited the Zsuzsi and Andris dolls dressed in traditional costumes.

 We thank Annamária Dobolyi for her professional guidance and to the director of the Museum for the opportunity.

Photo: Ráduly Attila

Author: Kis Emese