They promoted the movement in the Green Sun School

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The team of the Green Sun Association, prepared the first activities of the Green Sun School based on movement and dance for the students of the Elementary School from Albis, Petőfi Sándor School, and Molnár Józsiás School. They draw attention on the role of movement, which is essential for the children through games and activities such as: recognition of sounds, pictures, Russian folk tales, skill games. Photos of the event can be viewed on the association's Facebook page.

It is well known that the mechanism of singing, dancing and moving affects the breathing, the heart, the blood circulation and the life of the human body in general. The primary objective of the activities was to show to the children that the walking, rotation, running, arm-bending, moves that appeared in different dances, develops a range of important body abilities such as rhythm sensation, skill, body flexibility, speed, balance, good posture, and cultured movement abilities. We thank the teachers for their cooperation.

The activity was carried out with the support of the European Union Erasmus + program.

Picture: Miguel Paya and Carmen Gallardo