Sun sun sun where are you?

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Cold, cold and more cold. When temperatures in this city will raise 0ºC??? I like to feel freeze but I recognize that I´m missing a lot a softer winter.

In less than one month this adventure will finish and this days I´m trying to sort all my staff. It´s sad to leave people on the way but all good moments that they gave me I will not forget easy. A friend of mine it´s starting the hard process for to be a EVS volunteer and when she asked me about it, I only could say (with a lot of emotion), good things. Personaylly it´s too hard to me end this chapter of my life because I need to be mentalize that the best flatmate ever, after this experience, will live far away from me (far far no.. but almost 700 km).. but our lifes are going in the same direction, that it´s the positive view.

I have a lot of goals to reach and one of them its about travel.. new city new things to find out and Easter its almost here. The most exciting plan that Enrique and me are planning its to ride the bike through all the Portugal coast and maybe... we can reach Santiago de Compostela but I think that Enrique will need to push me...

Otherwise we "finished" Norway puzzle and before February, buuuuut is not complete, that means 4 pieces are losing since we opened the box, so was a mistake of the fabrica.. Sometimes that things happens, maybe I will not go to Norway, nobody knows.

This is my shorter blog, because I have a lot of things to dooo! so see you ;)



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