Spring Day Camp Event

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Do you know what events children are looking forward to? Or why is it so important for them? Now I want to talk about daily camp, organized by Green sun Association. This most interesting and fun event took place in around Sport Center from between 16 and 19 April. The Green Sun Association team created fun, informative and exciting activities for daily camp for a couple of days.

After the preparation period there was an event that lasted almost the whole week. ESC volunteers Halis Özcan, Nikolett Adrienn Veress, Ayten Kurnaz and Ana Jgerenaia also took care of the children. Each day was filled with a variety of fun activities. Local volunteers were involved with the esc volunteers during this time (This is very important for communication with kids). 

The event includes a morning gymnastic which children did exercises with their own interpretation along with the volunteers. The first day of the event there were introductory games. The children got to know each other by fun activities. Plenty of time was devoted to the children’s favorite game BINGO. We also had drawing activities, ping pong, outdoor entertainment games in which all participants actively participated. We also had lunch time provided by the organization. The kids also spent some time in the park. We invited guests from the Szekler Dog Association as part of the daily camp. They came with their dog. The meeting was held in question-answer mode. The children received advice on dog care from professionals. The children had the opportunity to walk with the dog and see him fun performances.

David Speight participated to daily camp and he played cajón. The children individually participated in his performance. The meeting ended with the Sock Fashion Show organized by Ayten Kurnaz, which turned out to be a lot of fun for the kids. Finally we took a group photo and gave gifts to children (The members of the organization also received the gift).

For the kids, Daily Camp ended like that, though it didn’t end for the organization. The head of the association, Ráduly Attila, got information from children’s parents over the weekend. The next working day we discussed the results at the GSA office. We learned which activity was especially fun and exciting for the kids, whom they want to repeat, what was the discovery for them, was anything boring for them and so on. The summary day turned out to be interesting. We will take all the information into account and use it for future Daily Camp that the kids are so looking forward to.

P.S. I can not fail to mention “read a story” activity when the text was read by foreign volunteers. It is true that the children could not understand many words but they found the text read by a foreigner fun.

Author: Ana Jgerenaia