"Open Air Europe" youth exchange in Hungary

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The Családok Határtalanul Foundation from Kecskemét organized an 8 day youth exchange in Galyatető, Hungary, in the beautuiful forest environment of Mátra mountain. Katalin Derzsi and Attila Ráduly from the Green Sun Association attended together with 13 sekler teenagers (13-15 years old) from the county, Târgu Secuiesc, Cernat, Albiș and Ghelința. Photos can be seen on the Facebook page of the association.

The aim of the exchange was the intercultural exchange and health education through sports and outdoor activities. The first days was about getting to know each other through games. One of the daysthe youth had a strategic game to solve an environmental issue; saving an imaginary town from contamination. In order to do that, each group represented an istitution of a city: for example local government, farm, restaurant, school, or supermarket. After discussing their own rescue plans, the groups interchanged ideas among each other as well, and they succesfully saved the city.

Every day the youth learned something new, hiked in the mountains, enjoyed the featured of the adventure park or had the opportunity to swim, or to see the beautiful panorama. The children also made new friendships and according to their declarations (a quick +/- survey) they enjoyed their time, the community, but were sad to leave.