I took with me from Szeklerland

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One year ago this day I have started my EVS project, which has changed my life and me totally. It was great year with huge experiences,unforgettable days and sweet memories. This year has really made me mature. I didn't even imagine that EVS could brings me such a experience, it have even bigger meaning.

New vision,self-development, perception and acceptance of life. It gave me bounced step, for the continuation of my life. I met amazing people who shown me a bigger and beautiful picture of life. I took with me from Szeklerland one so big suitcase full of positive energy, love, smiles...Thanks for everybody for this useful and beautiful year...I miss you my Szeklerland... PS... At the beginning it is not easy coming back home after the EVS project.

You feel confused, you feel that your life is a bit empty, you’re so happy to see again your old friends and at the same time you miss your EVS friends. You miss your activities, your apartment and your everyday life… even the „Menthol tea”! You miss everything!

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