My first experiences

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It was the most fulfilling 40 days of my life. Since I came here at Christmas time, there were a lot of concerts in the first week and I went with Gülcan Babir.

I taught dance to the second graders. We played various games in the gym. I learned table tennis and we played table tennis and I learned to play badminton and we played badminton. We played extra board games like chess, Jenga, Uno, and checkers. My mentor Kis Emese started me on a wood painting course and the wood I made will be exhibited on the ceiling of the church, moreover, thanks to the people there, I learned a few Hungarian words and taught them the Turkish of the words I learned in the same way, it was a very enjoyable course for me.

We went on a Kis Emese nature walk with my mentor and on the first day we went to the Hungarian National Monument, there were wooden statues of Hungarian kings and I learned a lot of information during the trip. On the way back, we went to buy fish, and thanks to my mentor Kis Emese, I also experienced fishing and caught a fish. The next day, with my mentor Kis Emese, Gülcan Babir and Mariam Evanesyan, we took a trip to a forest in Braşov, we took very nice pictures and videos, and one day, as the whole Greensun team, we went on a trip to a forest together. It was quite difficult for me to go up the hill because my foot is still not fully healed, but when I saw the view when I went up, it was worth my tiredness, it looked very beautiful. I will be sharing the pictures with you in my next vlog.

When I came to Romania I knew I was going to add something to myself but I didn't expect to learn something in such a short period of time. I don't know how it looks from the outside but I am aware that I have learned something, for example, in my first week at the school I attended I was very hesitant, I didn't know where to hold my hand, today I joined a class and I felt very comfortable or it was my first time playing table tennis or badminton, I had so much difficulty at the beginning but now I can play more comfortably, it may still be insufficient for someone else but I am in comparison with myself and I am working to become the best version of myself.

Sinem Tosun.

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