Moving afternoon with children's Yoga

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The Green Sun Association in partnership with the Sports Office of Târgu Secuiesc Municipality organized on 3.12.2020 the event "Moving  afternoon". The purpose of the event was to make participants aware of a healthier life, which was intended to be achieved by offering various programs. At that day volunteers, children, parents, athletes and adults gathered in the Sport Center to play, draw, relax, exercise, have fun and discuss. All the participants had the chance to play ping pong, do indoor cycling, running, play board games and the kids yoga. In a period that people are facing the pandemic the idea of “moving afternoon” acquires another significance. The photos taken during the event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

The event was free for everyone, with funding provided by the Bethlen Gábor Foundation and the European Solidarity Corps. Harai Adrienn described the moving afternoon as delightful not only because people can move themselves, but also because of the joy that you can see on children’s faces. Surprising things can also happen in this event. Friendly conversations can lead to meeting new friends with similar interests in fitness or may discover a training group to join for your next event, or find the perfect workout partner. Although the most important thing  this event gives is “laugh”. I think that in 2 hours I laughed more than 2 days. The kids had the chance to be creative, play around, have fun and relax with yoga. Halis Özcan felt thankful for this activity because it was an educational and teaching activity. “Moving afternoon” provided an opportunity for increased social contact, lifted mood, reduced stress and distracted people from daily worries. For me being part of this event made me understand how our physical and mental health are connected. Motivation is a state of mind and “moving afternoon” is a motive to do and try something different. Be part of this motivation chain, join “moving afternoon”. 

Author: Polixeni Ntanou