It all has a beginning

I always wanted to participate in community service. When I first met with the a Green Sun Association community, during a local table tennis tournament, I instantly liked them. I decided that I would like start my community service at their organization. Since I was a little timid to reach out in person, I went home, found their website and immediately filled out the application form.

As my first experience, I helped out with the annual kids summer day-camp. Although I was a little nervous whether I would fit in, the community and the kids were a positive surprise. Everybody and talked to me kindly, and helped me to loosen up. Since I love kids, the day-camps organized by Green Sun Association became one of my favorite activities. I love helping the kids with their craft-work or reading them stories. I always try to make the activities enjoyable and interesting not only for myself but for everyone around me. Since I am still in school, and I also play a sport, I do not always have time to participate in all of the programs, but I help out whenever I can.

I would like to encourage everyone to participate in community service, and to help others and the planet. There is no better feeling than following your passion while helping the community around you. Besides, I also met with some wonderful people.

Author: Hölczer Bernadett

Translator: Paula Lenart