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The Green Sun Association organized a team building  between 19-20 MarchOn 19th of  March, first day of  the team building the Green Sun Association provided first aid training in a partnership with the Salvatore Association. The photos taken during the event are available on the association’s Facebook page.

Training was a combination of practical and theory sessions. It was aim to teach how to handle a variety of workplace injuries, including unconsciousness, bleeding and how to use a defibrillator or specialise in how to deal with chokes. Training was held in Hungarian and English. The training was followed by board games. On 20th of March, second day of the team building was started with painting glasses and making bracelet, earring, etc. under the Women Association host.

The handcraft activities were followed by fun activities. Turkish team members Ayten Kurnaz and Halis Özcan facilitated a series of activities. Also one of the team members Margit Turoczy presented a teambuilding game. The aim of the activities was improving team’s communications, skills, collaboration, performance etc. According to Margit Turoczy "It was a wonderful,successful team-building weekend.I loved it! I was happy to take part in all the programmes of both days,such as the first-aid presentation,and board games on Friday, the handicraft morning on Saturday as well as each of Halis and Ayten's interesting socializing games and competitions in the afternoon. It was an excellent opportunity to better know each other and feel happy. As time allowed I myself also presented an interesting teambuilding game that I used to do with my school children.At the end we could draw a lesson namely you can never win and be successful in life without the  support of the others around you.You can feel  fulfilled and happy only in a community. I am happy and proud being a member of this wonderful team,and invite many others to join us soon. Long live Green Sun Association!"

With the support of: Local Sports Office and European Solidarity Corp 

Photo: Ráduly-Derzsi Szilárd