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I’m here! I was waiting this moment, this experiencie, this change in my life for a few months. It’s not easy to live 3.200km from home, it’s not easy to leave your family, friends and your dog and it’s not easy to live without the food of my mother. But my mind said, do it, do it for yourself, for personal growth, to discover the world, the nature, the different people.

Green Sun Association gave the opportunity and I can describe my first feelings with a few words: I want more. I want more tours with bike, I want to know more about the city, I want to explore the country and surroundings, I want to visit more schools, I want to enter in the nature again, I want to continue doing sport, I want to give all of me. So...START THE ADVENTURE!

More photos and videos in my Facebook profile: Carmen Gallardo Serrano https://www.facebook.com/carmen.gallardoserrano

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