Green Sun Association stand and presentation at the SzéKölykök Children’s Festival

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The Green Sun Association was also invited to the first SzéKölykök Children’s Festival. On Saturday they put up a tent, where among others, they invited people to play ‘green’ games, offered advice concerning environmental issues, recruited volunteers, and did a presentation on the Nemere Trail. György Attila, member of the association and the volunteers’ coordinator reported: representatives of different age groups, a total of 30 people took part at our programs, that is, they made origami, filled in compost pools and took ecology tests. In the afternoon, at the parents’ keeper, Ráduly Attila the president of the Green Sun Association presented the green track, named Nemere Trail. Green tracks are multifunctional tracks, which were created for trekkers or people wanting to travel on foot, by horse, by bike or other motor-free means of transport. One can read further information on this project on the following website.

Author: Ráduly Attila Translation: Gy. A.