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After all, snow is here!! I’m getting warm near the heater whilst snowflakes are falling on the trees, how relaxing it is! When you are not use to delight with this, the child who is inside you appear, waiting to enjoy with a white landscape. I hope there will be more days like this again.

We keep going to Manna Shelter, Kezdikovar and Kezdimartonfalva, too. Therefore we don’t have time to get bored; indeed we spent a lot of time preparing a Spanish event where we showed to Ikafalva population our regions: Galicia and Castilla y Le’on. Furthermore they could taste the traditional Spanish omelette and Santiago’s cake (was a very good afternoon enjoying a tea and eating different types of sweets). Also we had the chance to go to Nagy Mozes School and make with small children a theater about healthy life (was a very good morning and they were very creative, we enjoyed a lot!)

This days I’m looking forward visit my people in Spain, Christmas is near and it’s a season for eat, catch up with the friends and be at home without any concern, but before that will be Bucharest time! Finally first week December we will go to visit the capital and delight with Christmas market there. (After that, everything will be so fast for me... Bucharest, Spain, Poland and Algarve... Hopefully I will survive.)


That it’s all! Time to work!

Bye bye.


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