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Exactly one month is left to finish my volunteer service here in Romania. From all the volunteers I’ve met here this country, almost all of them are back in their respective countries. I´m not sad about this. In fact I´m anxious to finish and continue moving. I will miss Csaba, but I will leave to one country and he will go to another; we already have our own plans for future. But he was and is being my pillar to don’t fall down. I´m glad that I met him. Now I think about what changes I see on myself during this year… I always thought i´m a patient person and I discovered I can be even more. From everything we can learn something. Also another change I saw is about my future. I realized I will not put my roots in Spain. I will continue moving until I find something or someone to stop in one place. But who knows where this will be? At least I will do one of my frontiers, to jump the ocean. Once I promised to myself I will jump it, and I will in one month. Is funny, as I remember the first week here in Romania, I was thinking this kind of life is not for me. Changing the theme, tomorrow and during the next three days, we have a green camping with the kids of the school. It will be funny. It brings me lot of memories about summer camping in Spain. I think also we have another bike tour, maybe, but I’m not sure. And now ataching the photo i remember!! I was in a wedding with Csaba!! It was amazing! I never danced before like that in a wedding… I had a great dancing teacher that night. I will keep that night in my memories. Ohhhh….. I forgot to start the “diary” with a “Dearest diary….”! Well, I can always finish with a “See you in the next page ;)” Clara.

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