Waiting for snow...

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 Many years ago, I couldn`t imagine my life as it nowadays is, in the middle of Romania during one year and being one of my best years until now. I traveled a lot, I knew different cultures, met new people and also how is working environmental protection in another areas. This adventure is gradually ending and that means start another; studying again what I want. After maybe try to find a job (abroad because there isn´t in Spain and also I prefer in another country) and always keeping travel time, that for sure, next year I have another country to find out and a different view of Atlantic Ocean to delight myself. (Hopefully one day will appear north Norway in my future and banging masts noise will accompany me during evenings... who knows..). Everybody must do what they want, and that in rare cases happens; like one notebook that Paula gave me before come: “dare to live your own adventure”

Although temperatures outside are not too high, grass is dump everyday and we don’t have field anymore (due to frost) my motivation remains on the top, some day more high than another (and of course, activities are not always perfect but that it’s the life, in other hand, project is giving me other things). I managed to overcome to be lazy and I started seriously with IELTS preparation, I’m learning a lot and will be very useful next years (it’s always good to study whilst a black tea fumes). Furthermore, I’m spending time designing Let’s move! Logo and Banner, ideas came late but when finally appears is very heartwarming! And Spanish Lessons started, I didn’t born for that, is not for me that activity but will be good to share with them some culture and grammatical issues for improve their Spanish. Tomorrow will be a long night… 24 running event starts and Enrique and me (from EVS volunteers) will give our help to brave runners during night, would be a perfect time to read “Zamila” and maybe watch some serie chapter. We started again with English and Green activities at Mana Shelter, always is amazing to feel a children hug and play with them meanwhile sun allowing us. Last Friday I also played football, was good.. its better to leave it in just “good”.

Weekend is close and we have three day off, and that means travel! so if the weather is not so bad we will go to Cluj Napoca or Bucharest, I need it, our city is not so big and we were here a lot of time without go “outside” and for me is neccesary to take fresh air and collect more energy! When a Ferrero Rocher advertisement appears to me suddenly a different types of food like “lacón con grelos”, “almejas a la marinera”, “pulpo”, “empanada de carne y hasta de atún” or “vieiras” took me to Christmas time but I have a big A4 to write down each dish and enjoy them 10 days in December with an Estrella Galicia helping to go down the food.

Nothing more to say.. its time to go to the office and teach some Spanish and after study English with a warm early grey.

See you.

Silvia Blanco González.

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