Visit Bran Castle

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When I arrived in Romania, the only thing I knew was that the famous Dracula’s Palace is located there And I always wanted to see this magnificent palace. Bran castle is located near Brasov city.
According to the legend, the palace was the residence of Count Dracula, a historical figure, but in reality, the castle was never owned by the count. According to some historical sources, Count Dracula loved to hunt in the area surrounding the palace and torture his enemies in its cellars, while other sources claim that the count only stayed at the castle once.

One day Kis Emese invited me and other ESC volunteers on a trip to see the palace and other remarkable sights. 
When I saw the palace, I felt like I was in the nineteenth century. I saw a lot of rooms, pictures, and beautiful views. 

We had foreign guests on this trip as well. Young people from Turkey, Italy, Romania, and Hungary. These young people came here for a Youth Exchange. This kind of project allows groups of young people from different countries to meet, live together, and work on shared projects for short periods.

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