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We started the Turkish club on January 5, 2022. This club was especially important to me. Because it was my first presentation where I addressed people in a different language.

Although I am very used to speaking in public, it was really exciting to introduce your culture and country to people in a different language. Another surprise for me was that 2 people knew Turkish at a really good level. Participants were very motivated and willing to learn Turkish.

That's why I wanted to devote some of our time to Turkish lessons. If people are so eager and motivated, why not? I develop a different idea about this club every day and I really try to spend our time nice, quality and fun.

If you want to get to know a country and culture, these kinds of events are a great chance. If you come to Turkey at the end of our 3-month event, I aim to teach you enough Turkish to express yourself and to have a good command of Turkish culture, food and habits. I am trying to show that Turkish people are friendly, helpful and very open to sharing. And most importantly, I'm planning a Turkish henna night. I think it will be very new and surprising for people. This is an important part of our culture and I'm sure my participants will love it too.


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