Time runs...

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 Another month is over and like March cold is trying to get inside my body whilst sun disappears so early. Two days ago a wicked virus made me feel sick but with garlic and a good amount of honey I killed it (hopefully I get rid of it because is hard to work with children when you feel sick).

Logo is done and with some arrangement we will have the banner about our project! After hours working with Photoshop and getting a little bit crazy we did it. Green Sun Association also participated in a ping pong championship in Kezdivasarhely and I helped making the diploma…but about sports it’s necessary to highlight the volunteer championship; five different types of activities like football, XO or hockey competing with other organizations. (After a hard battle Green Sun Association was the winner)

Spanish classes are going in the correct way and we are maintaining Romanian lessons. With this temperatures its better to be at home studying something or reading so that will be my aim next months. Next weekend if nothing happen until there, Enrique and me will go to Bucharest{Last travel we had the opportunity to go to Cluj Napoca and Targu Mures, two beautiful cities where we had a very good experience} A good thing of this cold is the spa; this area is full with mineral water and there are some private and public places where you can swim and get relaxed in the middle of the forest. I took energy in Tusnad spa last week for the next activities; we started again our job at Kezdikovar School and also we will go to Kezdimartonfalva and like always Manna Shelter (I love that crazy guys... sometimes!)

 I like a lot to be a volunteer, this project was not my first time helping, but the longer one. I’m experiencing new things and learning with each activity something different. It’s very rewarding feel children happy knowing that they don’t have a good life; a simple smile of them gives me a lot of motivation to continue volunteering wherever I will be, around the world. Furthermore it can be also the way to know better yourself and break with close minded ideas, stereotypes or prejudices. As time passes and the project is ending I’m feeling more proud to have this experience in Transilvania, keeping always my motivation for next goals.


Time to drink a tea with relaxing music!

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