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    As the New Year marks the beginning of a new year, some people have high hopes and expectations that New Year will be a good start of a new page in their lives.

 This New Year  for me was so amazing, and memorable. This year I celebrated  three New Years. That was  no joke. 31th of December here was 22:00 pm in Armenia was already New Year. That time I spoke with my mam by phone and far from my home in my mind I celebrated New Year with them. 

 That time I was a little sad, that I am far from my family. Just that time I couldn’t realize which kind of  amazing and memorable New Year I will have. With my friends we went to Sfantu Ghorgehe  for celebrate New Year. There were concert of Homonyik Sándor singer, and we spend  really good time. One minute before of the New Year eve I told my self, you are really so lucky girl. Look before in your life you couldn’t  have such  a amazing and funny New Year eve. I didn’t know what about they song, but I liked the music, I felt  the sounds, I like the atmosphere that I have. And after 00:00 they told at 1:00am we will celebrate also Hungarian New Year.

I hade three opportunity the wish something. Confess that not all will have such a possibility. 

I would like to note that I am never going to forget this New Year. Thanks my friends for this New Year....

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