Sweet november!

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The last days of autumn. But unexpectedly they are not cold. This week the weather mostly was sunny and not so cold. 
The life is going on as usual and Green Sun Association continue his activities with us. Trying to remember our activities during this 2 weeks at first I thought about spanish national evening. My friends and roomates (Silvia Blanco Gonzalez and Enrique De Paz ) presented their country but is better to say their regions. So, now I know a bit more about spanish culture. And now I start to prepare for Armenian national evening. I am working hard because I want to give my best to present my lovely country. And I hope, after the presentation seckler people will regret for not coming to Armenian club :D.
For me happened one important think also. I started to cooperate with Armenian Union in Romania. Now I have a lot of friends from Armenian community in Romania. We are trying to make obtainable Armenian poems and songs for armenian people who was born and live in Romania. Also they can't read and write in Armenian. So Armenian poems and songs I am writing with Romanian letters. I am really very happy because I am feeling myself useful for my people. Morevore, about myself appeared one article in armenian newspaper's website. For translate it from English into Romanian thank you my dear Katika (Derzsi Katalin).
The newspaper, which I redacted is already done. Now we can read in online version. I am so happy because when you are working hard, you want to see the result. And I liked the result.
I am trying to remember the important things what we did. Of course, everything is important and useful what we are doing here but I want to write about new things. As a new event was ''Let's move'' photoexbithion in Kezdi's Sport center. The winners received GSA traditional gifts- books..)). 
I want to write also my private acheevments. I started to cook. And day by day I am cooking better. Other thing that I hate it. But I am doing.
Now december is coming and I have a lot of things to do. In 14 of december- the day of my birthday is also Armenian national evening, after is Cristmas, New Year..!! By the way this year I first time will celebrate Christmas in 25 of December. The cause in Armenia Christmas is in 6th of Junuary.
So, the life is wonderful!!

Don't worry, be happy..)))

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