Summer is coming!

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Finally Summer is here, the weather is already so good. The last days it was always very hot, sometimes there were thunderstorms, but after it was getting again hot. I like the summer so much, after this long winter it is really good to feel the sun. Now i go every evening outside to go for a walk, or with the bike, or running. I really enjoy to go out when the weather is so good, sometimes I stay until it's getting dark. I have to practice a lot with the bicycle, because on Sunday we will have a big bike tour and I want to be strong for it. I hope the weather will be good. ;) This week is the family health week, we have a lot of activities together with the Sport office. I'm the photographer in all activities in this week, and I really like it until now. Yesterday we had the Ping Pong championship and I was making pictures but I also participated, I got a medal and a diploma, it was really nice. Unfortunately it was the last one for us. At the evening I had to go to the Pro pectus association to make there pictures, they made a workshop for families. Today I was in the Kindergarten, a special dancer danced with the children, it was really funny and the children liked it a lot. At the evening there is organized "the family running contest" in the Sport stadium, it will be interesting. We have a lot of good activities, I will miss it. I also still have the German class, it's working well. I have very good students, their German language is getting better and better. Last friday we had a big event with the bicycles, „bike for a good aim“ there were coming a lot bikers to participate. They had to go with the bicycle to different checkpoints in the city, and who had the most rounds and who was the fastest got a price. It was a good event, also the weather was very good. In the end of June we go to a camp with the children, we will make different activities with them in the nature, I'm already looking forward for it. Have a nice week! Sziasztok! ;)

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