Every Tuesday at 6 o´clock in the Gree Sun Association office, I organize the Spanish Club, where I teach Spanish language and my culture with songs and games. It is fun and I like it more then I thought I would. We do some exercises to practice and they make spelling mistakes when speaking, but the result is another word with a different meaning, so they learn double.

 The next lessons they are going to learn vocabulary about food and surely Spanish recipes. I hope somebody will prepare then for Christmas or for some meeting with friends.

The participants have different levels of Spanish. I try to organize the lessons for all levels. If you want to learn a little bit of Spanish, this is your opportunity. Not only you will learn Spanish but you will also have a good time. Join the next Spanish Club (at 5 o´clock because at 6 o´clock Haykuhi Harutyunyan is talking about her country in Culture House Vigadó).

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