In September, I visited Budapest and I stayed at Zsolt Bandi´s home. He asked me: Do you like Budapest? And my answer was: yes, but I feel I am in Kézdivásárhely.

      On December 27th I went back to Spain for New Year. I was so excited. I hitchhikinged to Brasov and then went to Otopeni by bus. But there was an accident and we spent a lot of time stopped, we couldn´t move. I was so nervous because I was going to miss my plane. We arrived 40 minutes before the plane took off. When the bus stopped at the airport I ran out as fast as  I could. When I arrived at the ticket control, I showed the boarding pass on my phone and the man told me: “This is a flight from Budapest, please show me from Bucharest.” When I herad that word, I confirmed it and I fell down to the floor. I called my family and I explained the situation. My brother told me: “don´t worry I will find a flight for you to come back today or tomorrow”. Meanwhile I was asking at all the desks of the airport but some flights were too expensive or there weren´t any available. Then I asked WizzAir and he told me the next hour a plane flew to Valencia. In the plane I was speaking with others passengers because I needed to go the bus station from Valencia. A couple helped me to go to bus station. She was from Brasov. Finally I arrived home at 18 on 28th December.

      My family, friends of family and my friends laughed at me. My boyfriend hugged me and he told me: “everybody can get confused; this time it was your turn”. I am not the first person whogets mistaken with that city and I won´t probably be the last one.

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