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During this month we didn’t make any special trip, nor we started any interesting new activity… could be said that everything is the same since the time I wrote last article, but here friends, the time is running fast and things changes from one day to other: summer is already here, Hungary is classified for next round in the UEFA EURO2016, we discover St. Ana lake, the newspaper is finished and for the first time, the thermometer is over 35º.  
Coming back to the new things that we found last weeks, I would like to explain that summer is here and we received it spending the longest day of the year running with the families in the stadium. In some areas like Ireland or UK, it doesn’t matter that summer comes because the thermometer doesn’t move, but here, summer came with all his strength and the sun is shining strongly.

On the other hand, was really amazing see the process of how Hungary, that team in which (almost) nobody believes, could reach the first position of the group F. I enjoyed a lot specially the last match, since where people started to sing standing up the Hungarian National Anthem until they scored, for 3 times, goals to our neighbour Portugal. 

Without forget, How can I explain how beautiful St. Ana Lake is? Is that kind of place where you feel that worth come here, besides the bear who gave to us the welcome in the park, we enjoyed a sunny day swimming and walking in (until now) my favourite place in this region.

And finally, mention that we finish the newspaper. The online version is already available for every interested people in the website of the association, or, if someone want the printed version, can collect it in the office or in any of the events where we the GSA will be organizer or collaborator. 


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