New life, new adventures!

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 Let’s move project is over and I have more than one reason to be proud of have lived this experience. First of all I want to say thank you to each person that I met during this 12 months, specially my little Jenyta, Attila and Katika to keep almost during all year my motivation at high levels and enjoy and deal with me in good and bad moments. Enrique of course was the main piece there, so also I must to say thank you, finding out more incredible things from him that were unknown before starts this adventure. My year in Kezdi will be a experience that I will remember all my life, being until now one of the best.

A quiet life in Kezdi gaves me also time for think about myself and to live in a small city helped me to understand what I want in my future. Appreciate the small things and details, and to be out of capitalism life enriched me, having nowadays a different view of the society.  Sometimes we lose the human meaning, behaving like simple pieces of a system which play with us and manipulate our minds. Not having had TV was a pleasure, leaving problems of others aside, focusing in truly important things, and also enjoying every simple moment and indeed making me happier and satisfies.

A new life peeks out and strange feelings overrun me, meaning thus that I am full with energy to reach other goals. Keep learning always is good and my new key competences for sure will help me to achieve everything that I will want during my life. It is sad to say goodbye also, but memories will bring me a big smile to my face and who knows... Romania is not too far, maybe after 10 years I will come back to be delight again with the wild bears in Balvanyos and the amazing people of there. As was written in our kitchen “Do not cry because it is over, smile because it happened” so this sentence reflects a year full with emotions and changes and also the near future.

Listening Ocho Macho I say good bye to the blog!

Positive vives always and again thank you for all this amazing year and your attention!!

See you Kezdi!


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