A new Chapter in the best book of life.

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Here comes the end of 2018 - a year of change, reflection and innovation. I believe that every year we become a little better and learn something new. 2018 was no exception. This year has taught me how to repair my own heart, how to reassemble myself, how to manage without the people you thought they would be in your life for a long time. This year has taught me that no one is really with you, that you have to deal with everything yourself. No one will put you back on your feet but only you. This year has shown me how important it is to be yourself in any situation, how important it is to be able to make decisions on your own, how to listen and hear yourself.

Now I am in Romania, and this is a kind of education stage, which filled me and my life with bright events, beautiful people, new knowledge and incredible experiences. I was repeatedly asked the question : "why do I Need all this?". And now, after six months of the project, I can finally answer myself this question-happiness in motion. I'm moving forward, which means I'm happy. I feed myself from the emotions I get from the people around me. I feed from the beauty of nature, which inspires me to feats. I get change of place of residence and work.  I am filled with kindness and openness of the children I work with.

This blog post is the last one in this year. I want to wish you to be happy, and what is happiness for you-decide for yourself. With the upcoming 2019 year, friends! and I'm starting a new Chapter in my best and only life.

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