Everybody, or everybody, knows who Gema Puerma Castillo is. She was another EVS of Green Sun Association. She was, who told me about EVS. For her was amazing expericne because she improved her English, she traveled so much, she met interesting people. But when she talked about Green Sun Association, its activities with children, its tour bike, she learned a lot thing, for example: Adobe Photoshop, save resources, organize activities. Attila and Katika have too patient and they are so flexibility. 

 She created her small Hungarian family. I am here in Kézdivásárhely with her lovely family. They accepted us like one more family´s Green Sun Association. She is in Romania now and she is going to visit us next week.

 She is going to experience again: ¨XIX Századi Piaci Korkép" 

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