There are a lot of famous people who are implicated with the environment and climate change. They do different campaigns to try to save our planet. They use their popularity, for example: Leonardo DiCaprio donated 20 million dollars to help fight climate change; Hayden Panettiere supports the campaign: Save Whales Again; Edward Norton is a member of an organization which makes sustainable houses called Enterprise Community Partners. The last environmental campaign is one by Paul McCartney.

   Paul McCartney, his daughters, Stella and Mary, Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson recommend not to eat meat on Monday, but you can have it any other day of the week. The important thing is not to eat meat once per week. Aim is promoting healthy life style and making this world (physical) better.

   McCartney made a video where he explains about the environmental impact of animal agriculture at a massive level. Almost a third of the land is used for feeding cattle. Every hour, river forests are cut down to get pasture land where cattle can eat. Making one hamburger needs 2350L of water. Animal farming releases enormous amounts of greenhouse effect gases.

But you can watch the video in this link, then Paul McCartney will convince you.


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