Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...!!!

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Now is winter. In night came a lot of snow and already is clear- what does it mean- winter in Transylvania. At night we (3 EVS volunteers) opened the window and enjoyed the snow. Unfortunately, as I guess I caught cold. But I have no right to get sick till tomorrow =D. Tomorrow is 14 of December- my birthday and the day of Armenian national evening when I have to present my country. So I must survive 1 day and after I can do what I want, even to get sick :) And about my birthday- this is the first year when I will celebrate it twice. First time I celebrated it in 12 of December with my friends. I received very nice presents. I have one special gift- the brooch with Armenian flag's color.

That is really important for me and thank you Katika (Derzsi Katalin) for your attention. And the second one I will celebrate in 14- with a very beautiful and special cake ;) Of course my friends will be with me. Tomorrow is very important day for me not only for my birthday- also for Armenian national evening. I hope I will present my country worthily. Also whereby I will give one quiz for local people witch contains questions about Armenians in Transylvania. Armenians are living here since 16th century. Most of them already assimilated but one part isn't forget their roots.
During this 2 weeks took place two events- teambuilduing and Spanish national evening in Vigado.During teambuilding we were in Bálványos resort where in 1th of December came first snow. In 7 of December second time took place the Spanish national evening in Vigadó. In spite of I was also in first Spanish national evening, I went second time either with big interest.
In my next blog article I will write about Armenian national evening. So, let's cross the fingers and waiting for tomorrow.


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